Take a walk down memory lane with all your retro pop favourites.


Girl Thing in 2000

Rewind a few years and Girl Thing was promised that they would be the next big thing. Unfortunately the girls were never on top and went their separate ways. Life took all 5 girls in different directions. Fast forward to the year 2014 and the girls are back with the help of the Big Reunion.

Anikia admitted ‘’we never even expected to be on the show!’’

Since the show has begun to air the girls have been getting a lot of attention and the response has been positive.

”People have been so nice  to us and showing so much love and support! It’s amazing!! said Anika. Linzi added ‘’It’s just amazing. The people have warmed to us. Were quite humble about it because we didn’t have the expectations. It did surprise us.’’

After the first Girl Thing episode aired the public were shocked as to how honest the girls were about their previous days as a band.

Michelle agreed ‘’back then we were spoiled and fell from a great height, we were muppets’’. ‘’People weren’t aware of our story. We had to be honest about it’’ said Linzi. Nikki agreed ‘’that was the reason we never really went anywhere in the first place. We were surrounded by people who we’re not honest which made life in the band difficult. ’’Anikia quickly added that ‘’it was a whole therapy and healing process for me and it brought closure.’’


Girl Thing during Big Reunion rehearsals

The five girls are all mothers to wonderful children and juggling the band and responsibilities of children seems to be a natural process for the girls.

Linzi revealed that ‘’it’s been very pricey for me as I have to hire somebody who is special needs trained. Where there’s a will there’s a way.’’ Michelle agreed and said that they get on with it like any other working mothers out there.

The girls agreed the biggest thing that they will take away from the Big Reunion experience will be the friendships and the happy ending that Girl Thing got as a  band.

Linzi added its nice to ‘’rewrite the ending’’ with Nikki adding ‘’ The Hammersmith show was great fun. I’ll remember that as it was probably the only large show Girl Thing ever did as a band performing more than a song or two.’’

I wouldn’t rule out some new material or the possibility of a tour for the girls.

Anikia stated ‘’ it’s up to the fans if they wanna see more of us, we deff loved being back on stage! It’s a hard industry so fingers crossed!’’ while the other girls were quick to comment ‘’never say never’’ added Michelle while Linzi admitted ‘’that she would never turn her back on the girls.’’

Retro Pop hopes the future will include these 5 girls been on the top.


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